Top 5 Ways to Save Black-footed Ferrets with GoodSearch

Earn donations for black-footed ferrets that will not cost you a dime! Register online at and select “Prairie Wildlife Research” as your charity to get started! All of the tools listed below do not cost you anything extra and are part of the Goodsearch suite of tools. Once registered you can track your earned donations and take part in daily specials as well.


5. Download the Good-to-Go Toolbar: This easy to use toolbar works with your internet browser and will automatically tell you what websites donate a portion of their sales to black-footed ferrets. It will even show you coupon savings instantly as well!

4. Take Surveys and Play Games: Earn a donation for black-footed ferrets just by playing online games such as Trizzle, Monkey Gems or even Solitaire! In some cases you could earn up to $2 for black-footed ferrets just by taking an online survey!

3. Dining Out = Donations: It is easy to sign up and dine to earn donations for black-footed ferrets! Register a credit card with GoodSearch and dine at selected restaurants. A portion of your meal cost will be donated to black-footed ferrets. Search your local area for participating restaurants, register your card and start dining today for black-footed ferrets!


2. GoodShop: You can shop all of the biggest and best online stores to earn donations for black-footed ferrets and it will not cost you anything extra! In fact you may find coupons that could help you save money AND earn a donation. Start at the GoodShop page and then search for the store you want to shop. Next a list of coupons will be shown and the % of your purchase that will go directly to black-footed ferrets. It’s just that easy!

1. GoodSearch: How many times a day are you online? Did you know that you can earn a penny for black-footed ferrets each time you search the internet? A penny may not sound like a lot, but adds up quickly! If you make 10 searches per day on the internet, over the course of a year you can earn $36.00 for black-footed ferrets. Just by searching the internet!

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