Top 5 Things You Can Do to Help the Prairie

5. Learn more about the prairie!  The prairie is one of the most endangered ecosystems in North America because it is misunderstood and underappreciated. Prairie: A Natural History by Candace Savage is a great resource to learn about the geography, geology, hydrology and biology of prairies.  Visit websites such as The Prairie Project to learn about plants, animals, fire, grazing and energy development on the prairie.


4. Visit a prairie or grassland! There are tallgrass, mixed grass or shortgrassprairies and grasslands in almost every US State.  They can be found in National Parks, National Forests and Grasslands, National Wildlife Refuges, State Natural Areas, the American Prairie Reserve and more.  Bring a field guide, binoculars and water and always remember to tread lightly!

3. Plant a prairie in your backyard!  Find out what native prairie plants occur in your area, find the seeds and plant an area of native plants.  Keep track of the different bird and insect species that arrive at your new prairie!

2. Be active in public lands management!  Many public lands have prairies or grasslands and YOU own public lands.  When changes to management are proposed or public comments are needed, it is your opportunity to make your voice heard.

1. Support organizations that work on the prairies to conserve and restore them!  There are many organizations such as Prairie Wildlife Research, American Prairie Reserve and The Nature Conservancy that work to preserve native prairies and restore prairie species.  You can support them directly through donations, sponsorship or even a bequest in your will.

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