Top 5 Things PWR is Doing for Black-footed Ferrets


5. Collaboration: We work with almost anyone and anywhere. Over the past 12 years we have teamed up with many federal and state agencies, tribes, universities, landowners, other non-profit organizations, zoos, museums, foundations, veterinarians, businesses and individuals. If it benefits black-footed ferrets, then we are ready to collaborate!

4. Education: The public needs to understand the plight of black-footed ferrets in order to care about them and we take education very seriously. Every year we give presentations all over North America, assist students in their school projects and talk to the media to make sure folks understand that black-footed ferrets need prairie dogs to survive.


3. Reintroduction: Whether it is a black-footed ferret born in a zoo or in the wild we have released and moved hundreds of ferrets into new locations. From Conata Basin/Badlands National Park, South Dakota (our primary work site), we have moved hundreds of wild black-footed ferrets to 10 other sites in 7 states!

2. Research: Research is a part of our name because it is critically important to conservation of black-footed ferrets! We continue to learn more every day about this species and that helps us to be more effective in our work. Our science is published in peer-reviewed journals and we have published research on many aspects of black-footed ferrets, including home range/territory, genetics, movements and survival, behavior, stress and habitat evaluation and selection.


1. Vaccination and monitoring: The majority of our time is spent in the field working directly with black-footed ferrets. Because black-footed ferrets are primarily nocturnal, that means that, for about 100 nights a year, we are too. From the high desert of New Mexico to the Badlands of South Dakota we prowl the prairie to find, capture, mark and count black-footed ferrets. Plague is a very big threat to black-footed ferrets and we spend several months in South Dakota vaccinating ferrets against plague.

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